Theo Lindqvist

Theo attended Chalmers University of Technology where he completed a Masters of Engineering degree. He later went to INSEAD for his MBA.  He worked for over 10 years as a consultant to industry and Private Equity owned companies- with a focus on Operations. He then moved to work on the Client side and worked as Group Chief Purchasing Officer at Haldex, and moved to Shanghai for 4 years.


Throughout his life, Theo has had a private passion for art.  He started this hobby through collecting for personal purposes, and then began to help friends and close acquaintances who shared a similar passion and interest.


Theo decided to  focus on his passion for art full time when he returned back to Stockholm from China, and he founded Lindqvist Contemporary in 2009.


Theo’s experience in the consulting and corporate world gives him a strong platform to act as a bridge between his clients and the art world.

About Lindqvist Contemporary

Lindqvist Contemporary is a Stockholm based art advisory firm, specializing in international contemporary art.  It was established in 2009 by Theo Lindqvist.


Lindqvist Contemporary works with a network of the top tier international galleries, the top 3 auction houses, and prestigious advisors and collectors to provide its clients unique access and expertise.  The focus is on International art ranging from emerging to blue chip artists.


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Our Services

Lindqvist Contemporary works with its clients to determine their preferences, recommends appropriate options and acquires work that fulfills the client’s personal collection goals and budget. Lindqvist Contemporary provides services from acquisition through to shipping and hanging:


  • Access and preferred status- Lindqvist Contemporary’s unique access to the top tier international galleries, auction houses, advisors and collectors gives its clients unparalleled access to international art. This helps clients find the right artworks for their personal goals.
  • Analysis/Due Diligence – Extensive research and due diligence brings confidence to an acquisition. Lindqvist Contemporary consults with specialists, gallerists, other collectors and advisors within its network, along with art databases and other art reference material to ensure that there is a comprehensive understanding of both the artist and the artwork before an acquisition is made.
  • Sourcing/ Pricing:  Lindqvist Contemporary seeks to build financial value for its collectors through sourcing and negotiating the best prices for artworks, and arranging the most cost effective shipping and import solutions.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm: Theo shares his passion for art with all clients. He helps arrange gallery tours, artist visits, vists to art fairs, and assists in building travel itineraries for art related trips.